Communication is a contact sport

Networking has been one of the rocket engines for growth through the ages. As long as there has been commerce, there have been guilds and trading companies, alliances and partnerships. In 1992, PubliCo Ltd. was founded, trusting in the power of the network.

Today PubliCo Ltd is one of the leading publishers of industry-specific magazines in Finland.

The new era of communications means that the target groups will get smaller and smaller. One must take into account the special needs of the customers in a way that is unprecedented. This megatrend supports the original strategy of PubliCo to launch targeted, industry-specific media. The industry movers and shakers are still looking to familiarise themselves with the views of other players in the field; to take stock of the new operative models, products and services. Content is consolidated, competence reinforced.

The B2B products of PubliCo have two things in common: first class expertise of the field and unwavering commitment to quality content. Information is power only if it is processed the right way, analysed and focused to its utmost.

PubliCo – Your Contact to Better Business

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